Finding My Voice

1 12 2012

This is a great word for those out there trying to find their voice, Very helpful. Are you wondering what it would sound like finding your voice in writing and speaking to groups of women?

Heart to Heart Journey

Testing…testing…testing…can anybody hear me?
I’ve been wondering lately about what it sounds like to have my own voice in writing and in speaking to groups of women. Sometimes I become so consumed with presenting the content well that I forget to use the passionate voice God gave me. But wait. What does it really sound like? Sure, one on one I speak daily with those I love and those I cross paths with, easily and without much thought. But ask me to present a particular topic – even if I am passionate about it, and I lose my voice. Figuratively – not literally.
As I sit here writing out this new thought, I wonder if you have had trouble finding your voice too?
And then my mind goes one step further.
Do we use our real voice when we go before God? Or do we put on a voice we…

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