5 12 2012

What a great challenge……

Live to Write - Write to Live

There is nothing, and I mean, nothing like a challenge to make you write.

During the month of November I wrote (and wrote, and wrote) for nanowrimo. Had to hit my words and I did. It was a challenge that I wanted to win.

But now, I’m doing a bit of a different one. I’m doing the SNAP challenge that you might have heard about along with Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, where those who have signed up have challenged ourselves to live on what we would have been given as an allowance for Government food assistance (used to be called Food Stamps, now it’s called SNAP.)

For 7 days, I have to live on the food I’ve purchased with $30, which is the median amount of assistance given to an individual in New Hampshire. Note: others around the country are working with different amounts – it all depends upon…

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