14 02 2013

Love the pic and great ideas for Valentine’s Day.



~post by Julie W.

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I have total faith in my Valentine to pony up with the flowers, chocolate, champagne, etc. But you know, just in case, I thought I might point out a few things I’ve found around the store that might, I don’t now, make the PERFECT VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT FOR ME. Or someone like me. Or me.


The New Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook by Martha Hopkins & Randall Lockridge

Organized by aphrodisiac, this cookbook covers nineteen sensual foods, from ginger to strawberries to oysters,with some very lovely photography. Of course you don’t just give a cookbook on Valentine’s Day. You cook from it. And surprise me with the meal. By candlelight. Yes.



One word: JEWELERY. (Specifically, that lightning bolt necklace on the left there. There are also earring to match. The lockets are also awfully nice….)


7f12c2e2756511e2bcaf22000a1fbcb3_7Two words: MORE JEWELRY.

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