21 08 2013

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

As we all walk through this life, we sometimes feel that we are all alone. That was me most of my early years. But as I walk on in my later years I realize that I was not alone.  Never once was I alone. God was always there. Even through the battle scars he was there gently leading me toward Him. Never once did I walk alone. God is faithful even when I don’t  realize he is there.  He has not left us alone, he provided a way to overcome this life.Image


Weekly Writing Challenger………

26 12 2012
Challenger Point

Challenger Point (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m responding to the weekly writing challenge from the “Daily Post”. I’m gong to take that challenge in regard to commit to write each day for a whole week. I have to really think about what I would write about, but as was said in the challenge post, you can post a poem, photos etc. I don’t have to write a bunch just a few lines if I want. I can write about the New Year coming upon us, or something about myself that I would like to accomplish this New Year. Maybe I could write about my family and the funny things they get them self into. Or maybe I can just post a recipe I like or others would like. Thanks DP Challenge for all the new ideas.

Finding my Voice

1 12 2012

I started this blog to find my voice and to help others out there to find their voice. I grew up within a family that children are to be seen and not heard. So I never knew I could voice my opinion. So at 65yrs. young, I’m finding my voice. With the help of a great “support group” and God’s help, I’m on my way. So there is others out there, I know, so come and join me and enjoy this journey that we are on. Leave your comments.